LS, Asheville, NC

I wanted to share how much cleaner and brighter my interior world feels this morning. I have more space, relaxed.  I trust I will receive continued insight from our work yesterday. On some level I knew I’d been carrying my Mom’s emotional baggage– feeling as a child somehow responsible.  I am very grateful to set aside what was hers. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Janet Ledder, Asheville NC

While I’m still ‘being’ with the entire experience today, I can say right now that it was a powerful workshop on several levels. I will highly recommend your Constellation Experience™ workshop to all who will listen. Thank you, Nancy!

Barbara Alexander, President of Sacred You Academy, Asheville, NC

I recently attended a constellation workshop that Dr. Nancy Kehr facilitated and I was totally amazed by what I experienced. It was obvious that Nancy brings a great deal of wisdom to her practice from the many years of training and group experience she has had.

Everything seemed to flow easily and clearly for each participant and I was blown away by how much everyone learned while connecting to the knowing field in such a short amount of time. This is truly an experience everyone should have, it is affirming and powerfully helpful in releasing blocks and opening to possibilities.