Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements


Dr. Nancy Kehr is an established constellation facilitator. She is the creator of The Constellation Experience™, a group experience (which also can be facilitated as a private session) dedicated to helping people to connect to a broader way of knowing, to open to a new way of being, to begin to see and tell a different more empowered life story.

During her career as a chiropractor, Dr. Nancy saw the connection between the physical health of her patients and how they were feeling about their lives on an emotional and spiritual level. In 2001, Nancy was introduced to Trans-Generational or Systemic Family Constellation Work and saw how this powerful work can help people see and release unconscious stories they had been living out, stories that affected their health, their relationships and their connection to a life of well-being.

Dr. Nancy can provide quotes and expertise in…

  • The process and effectiveness of Systemic Family Constellation work and the Constellation Experience in focusing, raising awareness and unity, and resolving complex issues.
  • The importance of identifying hidden patterns as a pathway to healing and resolving conflicts.
  • The mystery of using the constellation method for listening to the “knowing field,” or the voice of the living world around us.

In keeping with the expansion of this work beyond the psychology of family dynamics, Dr. Nancy facilitates her Constellation Experience events around our connection to nature and other personal experiences such as business/organizational issues; artists events and health/healing constellations. The Constellation Experience is a transformational technique synergizing Systemic Family Constellation Work with an array of knowledge and practices learned over a lifetime of study in the area of what Nancy calls “having an empowered connection to life.”

For media contact, or to arrange an interview, connect with Dr. Nancy.