Private Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions

These are conducted by phone, Skype or in-person.

It all starts with the question “how can I help you?”

These sessions can help give you the insight or new perspective necessary to create change in your life or access new possibilities.

Constellation work is systemic because it looks at you and your life as a part of a larger system. What invisible threads may be connecting issues in your life? Are there sources of support that you are unaware of?

In this holistic approach we start with a conversation in which I will ask you for a brief time line of important events related to your question. I may ask about your family history (don’t worry if you don’t know much about your family). From this starting point the shape of the session flows based on your unique connection to the answers you seek.

Some examples of  areas in which people seek help:

  • Repeated patterns they would like to change
  • Relationships
  • Job/Finances
  • Life changes

Session Length: 60 – 75 minutes

Fee: $135