Why I Marched

January 22, 2017

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On January 21, 2017 I marched in Asheville, NC

I marched because less than 100 years ago women won me the right to vote.

I marched because now I am free to marry whomever I want regardless of gender or race.

I marched for every woman to have sovereignty over her own body and choices.

I marched for equality not sameness.

I marched for all the women whose voices were silenced or who silenced themselves out of fear.

I marched to have the courage to speak and the wisdom to listen.

I marched because I can be better than “that” and because I am better than “that”.  And the “that” is a broad field.

I marched because I want to move from intolerance to tolerance and from tolerance to understanding.

I marched because  within me are places of prejudice created by the stories I told myself and those that had been passed down to me. Being a part of this global movement, standing with thousands of women and men that encompassed such a broad range of humanity, I know those stories within me can change. As I change the stories I create a new world.

I marched because water is life; nature is sacred; and the earth is our mother who sustains us all.

I marched because I heard the whispering of the grandmothers saying “now is your time”. I felt the surge of their presence move through us all and stood with the knowledge that we are the future ancestors.