The Ultimate Gift

May 5, 2016

DSCN1669Mother’s day is this Sunday. People who will read this post will be in all stages of that particular relationship of child to parent. We may be close or estranged; she may have made her transition and walk on the side of the ancestors; we may have never known her but no matter what the fact is we are either a daughter or a son of a unique individual who was our birth mother.

We carry her DNA as one half of ours. When we take a moment to honor our mother we are also honoring ourselves. For all of what may or may not have transpired in our relationship with her on a very basic level, on a soul level, she participated in the ultimate act of giving…. she gave us life.

Those of us who are daughters have the cellular women’s wisdom that has been passed down from mother to daughter since time began. It is the tribal, the clan, the mother earth wisdom. This is the ancestral gift we received at our birth.

Being a woman I cannot speak of the feeling of being a son but I can see in the eyes of a man the spirit of the women he came from. This is the ancestral gift a man receives at birth.

In giving us life that may have been all our mother had to give.

Take a moment.

Still yourself with a slow breath or two.

From that place within you that knows the pure essence of the gift you received say “thank you”.