The Importance Of Space

April 24, 2015

DSCN0069The space I am referring to is that empty place before you as you see something differently, find yourself in a new paradigm

In the Constellation work I do I am aware that there has been a shift within a person after a session or workshop. That shift is a soul awareness that the mind takes time to catch up with, and in that in- between time there is space.

The mind may try to fill that space up with old thoughts, old ways of being, often because you are so unused to space that it can feel uncomfortable. Take a moment, take a breath, relax your shoulders. Let the space welcome you.

This space may draw from you dreams, images, insights that move you to whole new awarenesses. Take a moment, take a breath and let them come.

We are living in a time of personal and global shift. We are all facing space together and so together let us take a moment, take a breath and allow something totally new to appear.