Dr. Nancy Kehr

_N6A4303 copyAt this time we are being called to release ancestral traumas and re-connect with ancestral wisdom so that our path on this earth can be walked more gently.

I am a soul-listener. I use my intuitive abilities to listen for the deeper stories we all carry within us. These stories form a constellation of connection, form invisible bonds that tie us to our individual and universal ancestral fields and we carry them in our DNA as soul memories.

My own journey has been long and winding as most journeys are. As an only child I was alone a lot and books were a constant companion. Nature was where I found my soul family, it was alive to me and where I felt a deep connection.

I followed  the traditional path of college and work in the business world and had no idea that I would follow the spiritual path of a healer and a teacher. I certainly would not have used the word intuitive to describe myself although others had for many years before I would own it.

A chance encounter in the early 80’s led me to the world of metaphysics where I found language and stories that opened up my inner world and helped me see how we are all deeply connected to each other, our ancestors and the Universe. My sense of family went from my very small family of origin to realizing I was connected to multitudes. It also opened up the barn door so to speak and freed up the part of me that always had seen and felt a different connection to the world around me, that had an inner knowing that I kept hidden because I couldn’t explain it.

Like I said my journey  has been a winding one and eventually I became a chiropractor, but by that time I had been steeped in the world of other knowing and so listened to my patients with both the clinical ear of what I had been taught in school and also with a deeper listening as they told their story. I noticed that a person’s health, their feeling of well-being, their relationship to life so often seemed to be connected to the stories they told about their life, their family, the world around them.

In 2001 I was introduced to Systemic Constellation work and through it I saw that we embody a remembering that goes back for generations. Love, loyalty, belonging are the connections, the invisible bonds that can affect the pattern, the story of a life. I trained in this work with Francesca Mason Boring, a bi-cultural author and international facilitator. Because of her indigenous roots she brought into the training our connection to nature and the rich use of ceremony as a tool for healing.

Now I facilitate The Constellation Experience. I, we, you are all a part of the constellation of life. The space we travel in is not empty but full of a knowing that we all have access to. People ask if I am a teacher, a healer, a guide, a mentor…and it is probably all of these because I work with people in various stages of their journey. Through deep listening, compassion and a belief in our shared connection to the All That Is, I can help you find the healthy place of connection whether it is to a deeper part of yourself or to some aspect of the world around you.

My life and my work have been influenced by many teachers and is constantly evolving as I evolve.

I hold a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine degree and studied facilitator training at The Sacred You Academy where I was certified in EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning) and as an AEF (Advanced Experiential Facilitator). I was a presenter at the 2015 North American Systemic Constellations Conference and have been a contributing writer to the Knowing Field Journal.

Dr. Nancy Kehr
D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
Reiki I and II Certification
The Transformation Game® Facilitator
EFEL (Certified in Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning)
AEF (Advanced Experiential Facilitator)
Member of ISCA (International Systemic Constellations Association)


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