Home On The Mountain

January 23, 2016

This is a different kind of blog post. It is a spontaneous writing from my heart. My wish is that you find something for yourself in these words.



I love the sounds. The soft roar of the trees and the melodies of the chimes as the wind comes down the mountain.

I am at home here, everything speaks to me. I can feel the mountains, the land with its arms wide open and hear it say “It is I who hold you”. I feel its strength, its connection to that which our senses cannot even fathom. The rock, the tree, each plant even in their winter state content with the flow of the energy matrix that binds one to another. No separation. Giving, taking, living, dying in perfect order.

I feel my whole being open up on the mountain. What connects my soul here? Have I walked these lands, known the plants and the cycles? Have I spoken with the bear, the fox, the mouse? Have I soared with the birds?

The land beckoned me home, called me to it like a mother to her child to hold me close. Heart to heart, soul to soul. Does our human heart beat to the rhythms of our earth mother, of Gaia? Do we breathe in and breathe out with this blue planet? I think so or rather I feel it is so.

The spirits of my ancestors are around me always yet I feel them so clearly here.

There is knowledge and wisdom within me. I see myself strong and proud in my connectedness. I have safeguarded the golden elixir. Spirit knew to allow me the time to gain the wisdom of being one who sees wholly.


*Golden Elixir is another name for one’s fundamental nature