More About The Constellation Experience

This Constellation work honors a wholistic definition of family and events. It reveals the invisible bonds that operate in our lives. It highlights our fundamental need to belong and what we will agree to do, often on an unconscious or soul level, in order to keep our place of belonging, to remain loyal and to show the depth of our love. To belong to the constellation of our family or community.

Our Western, and primarily American approach is to find out who is to blame, focusing on the dysfunction in our family or community and then get stuck in rehashing the events over and over again for years.

Constellation work is not psychotherapy, not a New Age spiritual practice. But its roots are in the indigenous wisdom and way of relating to the world. As human begins we all come  from the universal indigenous field, to put it as my teacher would “we all come from the tent”. We are connected to our ancestral lineage as well as an awareness and connection to the Knowing Field or universal wisdom.

The Constellation Experience can provide a window, a way of seeing what the unconscious or soul agreements that have been made with or by members of our family which includes us, our parents, siblings and ancestors. It can also extend to agreements made in other, non-family, areas such as groups or communities.

The relief that can come from this work is that the wounds of the family soul itself can be seen and healed or when hidden dynamics are brought to light. For many people a constellation offers some kind of insight, clarity, clearing that for them no other intervention or method had provided.

This awareness can shed new light on our attachment to pain and suffering of all kinds and can allow us to see why certain events or experiences may have occurred or keep repeating themselves.

In this work we look at everyone and everything as being a part of a system so we look in a systemic way.

What is reveled in a Constellation can open up the perception of our life story, our family, relationships or other situations. Healing can begin at a deeper level and have a ripple effect extending beyond the person to the family, community and beyond.

The Constellation Experience is about inclusion not exclusion.

Although this work may reveal hidden and/or ancestral dynamics, it does not constitute counseling or therapy. The Facilitator, Nancy L. Kehr, is not a psychotherapist or counselor; she serves only as an escort. The facilitator has no influence over the information, or transformation, which may be revealed by this work.