The Constellation Experience

We live our lives shaped by hidden influences. Dr. Nancy Kehr’s Constellation Experience™ is a unique and remarkable tool for bringing damaging or unhelpful patterns into awareness. Effective for individuals, families and organizations needing healing, clarity or conflict resolution, the Constellation Experience™ provides perspective on the greater story at play, exposing unconscious feelings, external influences, blocks and family or ancestral patterns. By bringing awareness, personal healing and paths for lasting change emerge.


The Constellation Experience was created for those who have inner or outer conflict, want to explore the basis of their dis-ease or imbalance to promote healing, and for people looking to transform or change through increased awareness. Dr. Kehr’s foundational workshops are featured below. Or, contact her to ask her about offering a custom event in your area. Click here for information about private sessions with Dr. Nancy Kehr.

  • Awareness As Medicine

    Do you know more about your own path to health than you realize? Can the dis-ease in your body be the physical mani-festation of familial trauma or patterns?
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  • Awaken Your Art

    Are you experiencing a creative block? Have you lost the joy you once felt in being with your art? Are you having difficulty making money with your creativity?
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  • Communicate with Nature

    Nature is speaking. Are we listening to her messages? Learn to dialogue with nature in a deeper way in this Constellation Experience™.
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  • Our Family Connection

    Do you end up in the same patterns because you keep trying to work out something you are unaware of? Discover and transform as you dive below the surface.
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  • Healer, Heal Thyself

    As a healer and health practitioner, do you have a space to invite awareness, healing and transformation in, for your own sake and the benefit of your clients?
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