Our Family Connection

We are connected to our family's stories and experiences, often unconsciously.

Within us as human being we have the deep desire to feel connected.

Our first connection in life is with our family. Sometimes that connection was distorted or broken.

Have you felt you were:

  • Carrying a burden
  • In some way not enough
  • Not accepted or that you did not fit in
  • Not wanted or loved
  • Disconnected from your family or life

These feeling often create a program that runs in the background affecting all our relationships not just with our family.

The beauty of the Constellation process is that we see what we are not seeing.

We tap into the collective wisdom by entering the Knowing Field and there is where the clarity we seek or the relief we desire evolves.

In this workshop we untangle the knotted connections or see with more clarity to find:

  • The place of belonging
  • Where there is support
  • Understanding and compassion
  • The love that is hidden





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