Awareness As Medicine

Health may be as simple as learning to listen.

“The stories and experiences of our ancestors are passed down in our DNA. The stories we tell ourselves not only affect our DNA but that of future generations. Health may be as simple as changing the story” –Dr. Nancy Kehr

Do you know more about your own path to health than you realize? Can the dis-ease in your body be the physical manifestation of a familial trauma, pattern, or loyalty? Is there something your own soul or psyche is trying to tell you using your body to get your attention?

Strength and true healing can result from bringing awareness to hidden issues like these.

In this Constellation Experience™ you’ll receive…

  • awareness that there is an energetic vibration to the stories we tell ourselves
  • awareness that on a much deeper level what is happening physically may be very different than what our mind is telling us is happening
  • the opportunity to see a different, often clearer picture that can open a path to healing





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