“I Choose To Receive”

December 30, 2016

In these last days before the New Year many are reflecting on the year we will be leaving behind and beginning to focus on the year ahead. What will be taken with us? What will we leave behind?

Lists are made of what we want to bring into our lives in the new year. More money; love; peace; time; etc. But how many of us are unconsciously closed off to receiving that which we ask for with such earnestness?  Are closed off to receiving……period.

The gardener first tills the soil to make it ready to receive the seed.

I offer these words to help soften the soil of the psyche to receive.

“I choose to receive”

Allow these words to float through you.

Allow them to move thorough you like breath.

“I choose to receive”

Repeat it as a statement.

Repeat it as an open ended phrase.

“I choose to receive”

Walk through nature, sit with the tree or rock.

Take a moment in your everyday life.

Feel your ancestors with you.

Breathe and say “I choose to receive”


Abraham 1-2011 New Zealand-Australia 117

Much joy and many blessing to you in the New Year