Meet Soul Listener,
Dr. Nancy Kehr

0-2_3“A constellation is not a lone star but a group of stars forming a pattern, tied together by invisible bonds as they move through space. The Constellation Experience is about the constellation of humanity and the invisible bonds, the relationships we embody, that affect our lives and the world around us.”
Dr. Nancy Kehr’s Constellation Experience™ combines the foundational work of Systemic Constellations with deep listening and multiple other modalities. She has created a unified system designed to bring you clarity and awareness and the new strength and healing that result.

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For individuals, families and organizations desiring greater clarity, the Constellation Experience™ helps provide perspective on the greater story.

I wanted to share how much cleaner and brighter my interior world feels this morning. I have more space, relaxed.  I trust I will receive continued insight from our work yesterday. On some level I knew I'd been carrying my Mom's emotional baggage-- feeling as a child somehow responsible.  I am very grateful to set aside what was hers. Thank

LS, Asheville, NC

While I’m still ‘being’ with the entire experience today, I can say right now that it was a powerful workshop on several levels. I will highly recommend your Constellation Experience™ workshop to all who will listen. Thank you, Nancy!

Janet Ledder, Asheville NC

I recently attended a constellation workshop that Dr. Nancy Kehr facilitated and I was totally amazed by what I experienced. It was obvious that Nancy brings a great deal of wisdom to her practice from the many years of training and group experience she has had. Everything seemed to flow easily and clearly for each participant and I was blown away

Barbara Alexander, President of Sacred You Academy, Asheville, NC